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Avaiyo : Myriad Law - Volume 03

Avaiyo : Myriad Law - Volume 03

Shishi Manga, global

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A Free World...

Over seven years have passed since the collapse of the Tamiran Empire. Starting from the ground up, Xiltria is becoming a decent world once again. Government. Structures. Law and Order. Everything is slowly shaping into ideals that the people could only dream about. The Nation of Brosha has become a prosperous country. With an abundance of culture, resources and faith, they continue to push forward.

However, threats from the Dark Legion continue to emerge throughout the corners of the world. Within the Nation of Brosha stands the city of Montaru. A foundation for establishing worldly order. A place where everyone comes together, in hopes of protecting the innocent and stomping out any threats against Xiltria.

Thanks to the help of Sekken and Iyo, the citizens of Pegil can continue to live peacefully again. Though there may be hardships, they at least have the opportunity to overcome them. Heading back to Brosha, Sekken and Iyo meet up with their guild, Emerald Moon.

Reunions are cut short as a new crisis emerges that has the means to threaten the entire world. With little time to spare, they depart for hopes of heading off the Dark Legion. With Emerald Moon standing between two armies, it is their hope the Region of Preminx will not be soaked in blood.

Avaiyo: Myriad Law Volume 03
Volume Title: Preminx part I
Chapters: 029 - 042
Release Date: 07/15/2015

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Format: Soft Cover
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-68017-095-5
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PDF ISBN: 978-1-68017-098-6

Available Formats: Paperback, MOBI, ePUB, PDF
Pages: 236
Orientation: right-to-left
Suggested Age Rating: 17+ (Older Teen, Young Adult)

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